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Parkland, Florida

Parkland FL Real Estate, Parkland area and Community Information

Homebuyers look to live in an area with a warm climate might want to consider searching through Parkland FL real estate. Parkland FL homes have plenty to offer homebuyers in the way of luxury, and the community itself offers residents numerous advantages as well. Parkland real estate is conveniently located in an area that is steeped in history and offers much for residents to do.


Parkland is located approximately three miles northeast of the well-known Coral Springs FL. Therefore, Parkland homes for sale can be considered those that are on the outskirts of a popular tourist destination. The area was established in 1963 and was termed “Parkland” because of its tranquil, park-like atmosphere. Originally, the town didn’t even have any traffic lights, although it has since implemented them. 

Parks and Recreation

Parkland properties naturally have a park-like feel to them just because of the nature of the entire community of Parkland. In Parkland, however, you will find many wonderful well established parks. One such expansive and well-known community park is the Pine Trails Park. Pine Trails Park offers residents plenty of amenities, including barbecue grills, concession stands, fishing, meeting rooms, football fields, basketball courts, pavilions, playgrounds, restrooms, trails and even multipurpose fields. People who want to live in an area with plenty of community facilities might be interested in real estate in Parkland.  

Attractions and Activities

Homes for sale in Parkland are located near numerous attractions and activities. Of course, there are plenty of local businesses, stores and restaurants for residents and tourists alike to explore. However, because Parkland is so closely located to both Palm Beach and Coral Springs, it remains a popular tourist destination. Keiser College is also located near Parkland, so students searching for housing or for things to do in the area tend to frequent Parkland. 


The Parkland home buyer who is looking for an area that offers a sense of community will not be disappointed. There are many area events held in and near Parkland throughout the year. The area is home to numerous arts and crafts festivals as well as local concerts and other events. Some of the types of family events that families can expect in Parkland include storytime readings offers at the Parkland library as well as family BINGO tournaments. There are also events such as adult lawn croqueting, health and beauty expos and afternoon film showings. 

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